243rd "Freighttrain" ASHC
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While Stationed  at Dong Ba Thin, Republic of Vietnam
243rd Bunker Party Gallery 2012 - Plattsmouth Nebraska
Friday's Activities - July 13, 2012. We started out downtown with an interview from the local paper, lunch together and then that evening party time at the Whitakers - Rex Prickett's sister & brother-in-law's. Live Music, good food, good friends!
Sunday's Activities - July 15, 2012. Again numerous hours spent reminiscing before we met up at John Vampola's house for the afternoon and evening. More good stories, more memories - both new and old. It was good to relax and just share with "the guys" and their families.
Saturday's Activities - July 14, 2012. After numerous small get togethers throughout the day a few met downtown for a brew or two and then we all had dinner at the VFW. The T-bones were delicious! Daryl Foutz brought a ton of pictures and we spent the evening viewing pictures from the web site as well as his. More good food and good friends.
"The guys" as we have become to be known by had plenty of time to reminisce about the 243rd as well as share their life experiences over the past 40 years... we learned some new things about each other as well as confirmed what we already knew and felt. Over the few days we also learned a lot about the people who have supported our buddies over all those years; wives, friends, children and grandchildren. They have also earned a special place in the guys' hearts for seeing us through the "hard" times that we all certainly have experienced. A BIG thank you to them and a true extension of our love goes out to them as well as the affirmation that the guys have for each other! The party was fun, exciting, sobering and healing.