243rd "Freighttrain" ASHC
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While Stationed  at Dong Ba Thin, Republic of Vietnam
We have pictures taken from the very beginning - shipping a CH-47 unit overseas to what the "old" base looks like today. Thank you to all who have contributed to this collection.
If you have pictures that you'd like to add to the collection please email them with a description to tgarramone@gmail.com
Men of the 243rd 
Massachusetts Memorial & Steven Kearns
The Boat Ride Over & Others
053 Memorial Ceremony   
DBT & 243rd Company Area
At Work On the Ground
Just Hanging Out
At Work In the Air
Aircraft Losses
Vietnamese around DBT
Dong Ba Thin Today
Other Exotic Places
The "NEW" Freight Train
Bunker Parties
Memorial Day
Submitted Galleries
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